Looking to hire a student, access research grants or experiential learning opportunities?

At the VSE Career Centre we believe it takes multiple partners to support the success of our students in the BIE program.

Please contact us if you have additional resources that you think would be useful for your fellow colleagues, or if you need further support accessing any of the resources below at vse.career@ubc.ca or stop by our offices in rooms 234-8 in the Iona building.

Work Learn International Undergraduate Research Awards
Designed for international undergraduate students who are interested in research, the Work Learn International Undergraduate Research Awards subsidizes professors to hire students to work on their research projects. Through the program, professors gain valuable help in furthering their research and supporting students in their learning.

Work Learn Positions
The Work Learn Program supports and subsidizes meaningful work experiences on campus that offer the opportunity for all current UBC students to develop their professional skills and learn in a work environment.

The student learning and experiential outcomes of the Work Learn program are mentorship opportunities, professional and personal skills development and application of knowledge, an expanded network, ownership and responsibility of work, self-awareness and reflection, and contribution to the University as a whole.

Co-op Positions
The Arts Co-op program consistently delivers the highest caliber students from one of Canada’s top universities for employers looking to expand their workforce for special projects or peak periods. UBC Arts Co-op students work in private business, non-profit organizations and the public sector for employers across Canada and around the world.

Research Assistants
Hiring a research assistant is a valuable experience for both the faculty and student. Please visit UBC HR to see the regulations and practices surrounding research assistants

BIE Career News
The BIE Career News is a great way for faculty or industry professionals to advertise job postings. This email newsletter is sent on a biweekly basis and is a great way to advertise a job opening among BIE students. If you or anyone you know is looking to hire a BIE student please get in touch with us at vse.careers@ubc.ca.

There are a number of different resources available both on campus and off to help you add an experiential learning element to your classroom. Whether you are looking for a one time project or something that spans the length of the term the the options and opportunities for your students are endless. Please take a look at some of the resources outlined below, and feel free to get in touch with the Career Centre if you have any questions.

Off Campus:
Riipen is an experiential learning tool that helps to increase student engagement while improving faculty to industry relationships.

Through Riipen faculty can reduce the overhead of project-based experiential learning programs by more than 80% while delivering an improved student and employer experience.

Their academic team will help you source ideal industry partners for your projects, provide best practice project templates, and help you manage your engagements through their user-friendly dashboard and one-on-one project support.

On Campus:

Centre for Community Engaged Learning
The Centre for Community Engaged Learning collaborates with students, staff, faculty, and community partners to work through complex community-based issues, both locally and internationally.

Their programs place students in community settings (non-profits and inner city schools) either as a required part of an academic course, or through voluntary co-curricular placements like Trek and Reading Week for a hands-on, immersive experience.
They also provide resources and support to instructors, departments, and faculties, to enhance teaching and learning processes. We connect University resources to the community in ways that support lasting relationships.

Centre for Student Involvement and Careers
The Centre for Student Involvement and Careers is a hub that connects students to experiences, resources, and people that will help them achieve their personal and career goals.

Go Global
Go Global helps students venture out into the world to meet people, build skills, and gain perspective through partnerships with over 200 universities and institutions worldwide.